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Impact Enterprise Summit is a one-day annual event that spreads out and inspires the Impact Enterprise business model. It brings together 350+ young professionals, 30+ impact enterprises, international & local impact investors, intermediary organizations & media.

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Impact Social Enterprises


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Live Showcase
Get connected with impact entrepreneurs and listen to real stories of their businesses, which are in various industries. Seek for opportunities to support them with your expertise.
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Speech & Panel
"Have view of 30 years into the future: which social challenges Vietnam will face. Listen to thorough discussions on popular topics such as Agriculture, Zero-waste, Education..."
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Design Thinking Challenge
"Put yourself in an impact entrepreneuer's shoes to have more understanding of social challenges and apply Design Thinking to ideate creative solutions. Learn how to and practice building a rapid prototype of your idea!"

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What you gain at Summit

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Impact Enterprise is an emerging business model in Vietnam, which carries the mission of solving social problems while operates as a traditional business. Get to know this model through discussions and sharing of international - local guest speakers and partners.
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Building a business model which solves social problems while being sustainable is no easy task. Listen to real stories of experienced impact entrepreneurs in Impact Enterprise Showcase to feel the inspiration and be motivated to get involve.
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One-day Design Thinking Challenge enables you to experience an impact entrepreneur's journey on ideating a business to solve social challenges. You can get involve and act! Opportunities are available for you to support impact enterprises after the event.


1. Who should attend Impact Enterprise Summit?

The event welcomes all who want to make a positive impact for the community or want to learn more about the social enterprise's business model through the sharing of stories and practical experience. The event is especially useful for young people with the desire to or have already begun to build their startup, those looking for a new direction for their business model, and for non-profit organizations who are finding the solution for to their independence and financial sustainability challenges.

2. What language will be used at the summit?

The primary language will be Vietnamese. For contents delivered by foreign speakers, we will provide English to Vietnamese translation/interpretation for the audience.

3. How can I join IES?

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the schedule for IES has been re-arranged and will be updated as soon as a decision can be made. Please continue to follow us on our website or Seed Planter's Facebook Fanpage for the latest news and announcements.

4. Besides Impact Enterprise Summit, are there any others events organized by Seed Planter?

Seed Planter is a support organization with the aim to enhance entrepreneurship, specifically targeted at young entrepreneurs who want to start business models that can have a social impact in Vietnam. Every year, apart from Impact Enterprise Summit, Seed Planter organizes and coordinates training and consultancy activities to improve socially driven entrepreneurship. For more information, please visit

5. Where can I find Seed Planter's contact information?

You can contact us via email, Facebook fanpage Seed Planter or hotline +84 976028898 (Amy)